Raphael is an excellent listener and a passionate people person. Raphael loves BC and the opportunity it provides to connect with all different kinds of people and resources.

An extrovert and family-oriented individual. Raphael values friendships, relationships and loyalty at the highest level. Possessing work-ethic, confidence, and a competitive nature, he dedicates entirely to every transaction and the clients and colleagues he works with. He is the ideal candidate to help you navigate through the complex and often turbulent BC real estate sales process. With his client first attitude, a trusted sounding board, and a knowledgeable adviser. This makes him a perfect match for your real estate needs.

When Raphael is not showing properties to buyers or working closely with sellers you might find him at his favorite lake, fishing with friends, or volunteering at the animal shelter. An initiative that he has started since owning 2 beautiful West Highland terriers in 2014.

“When I am working with sellers I don’t just wait for the phone to ring, I create the market. Putting up a listing on the MLS  or an ad in a newspaper is easy, it does not necessarily create a sale. Even if it’s just one buyer that is all I need to get my seller the most money possible. I have Networks all over so if you are selling your 1 bedroom condo for 150k or your detached house for over 2 million, those listings will be pushed equally to every single major market.

PR is so much stronger than advertising. Working with people on a personal level builds credibility in your business. Communicating with the clients and understanding their needs and wants and striking a balance between the two, builds credibility and they will intern advocate for you.

My goal is to step outside the comfort level that most other realtors live in. While continuing to evolve, grow and adapt to provide the best real estate service in BC.“