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$300 – $800 – Depends on the square footage

The inspectors will bring to light, areas where repairs and maintenance is required.

$700 – $900 for a notary public | $800 – $1500 for a lawyer

They will act for you in buying and mortgaging of the home.

Price: Varies

Hiring a company or renting a truck to move furniture.

$100 – $200

The strata will install protection padding for the elevator and will reserve the elevator specifically for you to move in.

Ask me for details and rebate incentives available.

Only applicable to Brand New Homes or substantially renovated homes, land bought from a developer, commercial and leases.

1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the balance.

First time homebuyers are exempt if the purchase price is less than $475,000. There are a few requirements to qualify.

Price Varies

On completion the lawyer/notary will adjust certain items that are associated with the property being purchased such as Property Taxes, Property Utilities (Sewer, Water, Garbage), Strata Maintenance Fees for the balance of the year you own the property.

Price: Varies on what you want to insure

All homes must have insurance coverage. Your mortgage lender requires that you provide your lawyer/notary with proof that your insurance is in place by the Completion Date.